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Amelia on November 20 2009 1

The Communicative Approach is Bad?

I recently came across and interesting article at Antimoon’s learn English online site discussing problems with the Communicative Approach to language learning. This approach encourages you to communicate very early in your learning, often from the first lesson. Now, I do understand what the author is saying—you should get input and lots of it before […]

Amelia on November 15 2009 0

Learn a Language Fast with Audio Courses

One of the biggest problems that hold many people back from being able to learn a language fast is lack of organization. Sure, some people may say it’s because they don’t have time to study, but what that usually means is that they haven’t organized their learning plan well enough to take advantage of the […]

Amelia on November 11 2009 0

How to Cure Foreign Language Learning Burnout

No matter how much you love the language you’re learning, if you’re learning at reasonably brisk pace, burnout is always a risk. And when you’re learning in-country surrounded my native speakers, culture shock can kick and and wreck havoc with your motivation. Fortunately, though, there are effective ways to get around language learning burnout. […]

Amelia on November 08 2009 1

How to Set Goals for Learning a Foreign Language

Because foreign language learning is a long-term project, setting specific, achievable goals is critical if you want to stay on track and make continual progress at a good rate. You first time planning your own course of study, though, it hard to know where to start. Here are some tactics to help you set good […]

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