Posted in September, 2009

Amelia on September 29 2009 0

Facts About Easy to Learn Languages That May Surprise You

A lot of people who’d like to learn another language, but haven’t decided which one, start by looking for the so-called “easy to learn languages.” The trouble is that which languages are easy depends on a few different factors. Below I’ve listed some of those easy to learn languages to give you a start, but […]

Amelia on September 26 2009 0

What if You Only Have Eight Weeks? Can You Learn a Language That Fast?

When people say the want to “learn a language fast,” their ideas on what “learn” means and what “fast” means range widely. Some people mean they want to reach a translator’s or interpreter’s level of fluency in less than two years. On the other end of the spectrum, some people just want to get the […]

Amelia on September 23 2009 0

Which is Better: A Native or Non-Native Teacher?

If you’ve ever looked into taking a course at a language school, you’ve probably been faced with the decision between a teacher whose native language is the one you’re learning and a teacher who’s native language is the same as yours. So, is one better than the other? [Skip to the pros and cons […]

Amelia on September 20 2009 0

Overcoming Plateaus: A Return to the Beginner’s Mind

If you study a language for any serious length of time, you’re bound to hit a plateau at some point. You gone through a few advance level course books, you know enough grammar to communicate everything you need to, and you already know most of the words you hear on a daily basis. Language learning […]

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