Posted in October, 2009

Amelia on October 28 2009 2

Foreign Language Vocabulary Learning: Which Words to Learn First

When you’re just starting to learn a foreign language, the thought of trying to build the kind of vocabulary you need for real fluency can be overwhelming. It’s hard to know where to start. The good news is that when you’re learning for first few hundred words, there’s nothing wrong with starting slowing. Be Picky […]

Amelia on October 25 2009 2

Foreign Language Vocabulary Learning Made Really Easy

Grammar is important, but until you have a decent-sized vocabulary, it’s all but useless. After all, grammar only works when you have words to apply it to. That means when you’re just starting to learn a foreign language, vocabulary building is the thing to focus on. Of course, those first few hundred words are also […]

Amelia on October 22 2009 1

Learning a Foreign Language: Tips for Learning Grammar

Lots of people—even those who love learning foreign languages—claim they hate studying grammar. They associate grammar study with tedious gap-fill exercises, boring rote memorization and the frustration of getting it “wrong” again and again. While you will, at some point need focused work on grammar, there’s no reason grammar drills should take up the bulk […]

Amelia on October 20 2009 0

How to Learn a Foreign Language Faster

If you’re interested in foreign language learning, at some point you’ve probably wondered how to learn a foreign language faster. We all know high school classes and even some professional language courses can drag on for several years and still leave just barely able to communicate in your chosen language. And yet, with the right […]

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