Posted in March, 2010

Amelia on March 30 2010 0

How to Stop Procrastinating and Start Learning: Five Techniques to Try

So many people truly, genuinely want to learn a foreign language, but somehow never get around to it. For some, the stumbling block is the misconception that “serious” language learning requires an expensive, time-consuming course. Others just don’t know where to start. If you’ve been thinking of learning a foreign language “some day,” here are […]

Amelia on March 18 2010 0

Three Things You Need to Learn a Language Fast

Let’s face it, most us interested in learning another language want to learn a language fast. As much fun as the learning process can be, for most folks the final goal is to actually know and be able to use the language. Despite what the results of slow-moving high school and college language classes might […]

Amelia on March 15 2010 4

Exactly How do You Think in a Foreign Language?

Browsing FFLL’s search logs I found some interest in this topic, so I thought I’d address it in its own post. Thinking in the language you’re trying to learn is one of the easiest ways to review. It also helps “activate” your new vocabulary and grammar by giving you a real-life use for it. If […]