Posted in April, 2010

Amelia on April 29 2010 2

Grammar: Now for the (Kind of) Bad News

Browse the ads for language learning software or flip through language school brochures and you’ll probably see most of have one promise in common: freedom from the horrendous unspeakable torture known as “grammar study.” All right, I know some teaching methods and teachers really do overemphasize grammar study—including memorizing tables of case endings or verb […]

Amelia on April 26 2010 5

Using Songs to Learn a Foreign Language: Get More From Your Pop Music

Some people discount using songs to learn a foreign language because most genres of songs use only basic vocabulary and simple grammar. The argument is the text of pop music and other common genres isn’t varied or complex enough to provide enriching exposure to the language. No, it isn’t and that’s exactly why songs […]

Amelia on April 18 2010 0

Compartmentalizing, Mixing Languages and Switching Languages: How Good Do You Have to Be?

If it hasn’t happened to you yet, it will. You’re minding your own business thinking in one language and someone comes up and says something to you in another language. Maybe you understand, but can’t find the words to reply or maybe you don’t understand a word even if they spoke your native language. Understandable […]

Amelia on April 15 2010 7

Foreign Language Learning for Introverts: Speaking Practice Tips for Immersion Situations

Being an introvert doesn’t mean you can’t get lots of conversation practice in another language and you don’t have to pretend to be an extrovert to do it, either. Just to clear up a common misconception,

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