Posted in July, 2010

Amelia on July 14 2010 0

Three Ways to Improve Your Ability to Listen for Detail

At some point, your listening comprehension skills will become good enough that you can pick out the general topic of a conversation even without a context. Sure, sometimes you’ll get it wrong. Sometimes, you’ll think you heard one thing, but the speaker actually said something completely different. That’s perfectly normal. Needless to say, though, you […]

Amelia on July 11 2010 3

How to Revive “Forgotten” Language Knowledge

Annoying as it is, the old adage “use it or lose it” is particularly apt when it comes to foreign language learning. It’s not uncommon for a person to have studied a language for several years, then stop using it and after a while feel like it’s lost for good. Fortunately, it probably isn’t. The […]