Posted in January, 2011

Amelia on January 25 2011 4

Improve Your Speaking Skills by Surrounding Yourself with Opportunity

Pushing yourself to take risks and achieve goals can help you improve your skills with a foreign language, but sometimes too much pushing just gums up the works. I noticed a good example of this recently when I spent some time with an acquaintance and her young granddaughter. When we met up, my acquaintance mentioned […]

Amelia on January 05 2011 4

Why it Doesn’t Matter if you Failed High School Spanish…or Any Other Language

I’m sure you’ve heard it plenty of times: someone says they’ve “always” wanted to learn such-and-such language, but then claims they still can’t order coffee or even name basic colors in the language they’ve been wistfully admiring for years. Of course, for some it really is just an idle wish or at least a very […]