Posted in November, 2011

Amelia on November 27 2011 4

The Worst Language Learning Method Ever…Or “Why Review and Practice are Important”

(First off, we had a rather unseasonable drop of at least 10 centimeters of snow last night. Pictures included! :-)) Worst Method Ever? All right, it may not have been “the worst ever,” but it was pretty bad. Years ago, I did a few days of trial teaching at a private school–let’s call it School […]

Amelia on November 09 2011 4

How to Deal with Frustration When You’re Learning a Language

A high tolerance for ambiguity is one of the most valuable traits a language learner can have. Any time you’re working with a language you don’t know well, you’re going to have trouble with things like understanding speech, remembering new words, and pronunciation. Being comfortable with confusion and uncertainty saves you a lot of energy, […]