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Hello and welcome to Faster Foreign Language Learning! If you’re looking for free tips and techniques to help you learn a language faster and remember what you learned longer, you’ve come to the right place.

As a language teacher and learner, I started this site to help as many people as possible discover the fun of fluently speaking another language, without getting ensnared in ineffective learning methods that kill so many people’s motivation.

On this site you’ll find the very same strategies and techniques experienced multilinguals use to quickly gain a good, strong conversational ability in a foreign language in less than a year.

If you think language learning has to be like those dull, drawn-out school language classes, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. Browse around the site and you’ll discover proven learning techniques and “mind hacks” that not only make language learning as fun as it should be, but could also shave years off your learning.

Find out how to build vocabulary fast, speak with correct grammar and a good accent, and above all, use your new language with ease and confidence. I’ve also got some info on dealing with shyness, overcoming learning plateaus, keeping your motivation, and related topics.

If you’re interested in my experience and credentials, stop by the Faster Foreign Language Learning Book page.

Amelia Green, Author
Faster Foreign Language Learning

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