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Amelia on November 15 2012 4

7 Low-Tech Ways to Study a Foreign Language

I wrote notes for this article during a power outage–one of the almost-weekly power outages in this district, where the city’s public WiFi is more stable than the electricity. Or it would be if WiFi worked without electricity. (Three cheers for technological leapfrogging!) Point being, I’ve noticed a lot of the foreign language learning tips […]

Amelia on December 23 2010 3

Using Google For Language Study: Phrase Searching

This is a long post, so for your entertainment, I’m throwing in some pictures I took yesterday. The photo on the left is of some Christmas lights on Rustaveli Avenue in Tbilisi, Georgia, where I am more or less temporarily. Now down to business…

Amelia on April 29 2010 2

Grammar: Now for the (Kind of) Bad News

Browse the ads for language learning software or flip through language school brochures and you’ll probably see most of have one promise in common: freedom from the horrendous unspeakable torture known as “grammar study.” All right, I know some teaching methods and teachers really do overemphasize grammar study—including memorizing tables of case endings or verb […]

Amelia on April 26 2010 5

Using Songs to Learn a Foreign Language: Get More From Your Pop Music

Some people discount using songs to learn a foreign language because most genres of songs use only basic vocabulary and simple grammar. The argument is the text of pop music and other common genres isn’t varied or complex enough to provide enriching exposure to the language. No, it isn’t and that’s exactly why songs […]

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