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Amelia on March 22 2012 0

A Quick Spring Update from Faster Foreign Language Learning

I haven’t been posting much, but I’ve been working plenty behind the scenes. One of the things I’ve been working on is a guide I know will be useful to a lot of you. In fact, it’s information I wish I’d had about 20 years ago. The other bit of news could save you some […]

Amelia on June 25 2010 3

Five Myths about Immersion that Can Ruin Your Language Holiday

What learning environment could be better than immersion? You’re surrounded by native speakers and have virtually unlimited access to listening and reading material—how could you not learn? Right? Yet we’ve all heard about or even met people who’ve lived in another country for years and still

Amelia on June 10 2010 1

Literacy by Brute Force: How I Really Learn Alphabets

Plenty of tricks exist for learning new alphabets: flashcards, visual and sound association, transliteration, drawing letters, and so on. These can all work great, but I confess my method of learning new letters is largely brute force. It’s not a barrel of laughs, but it works for me. I thought I’d share it because it […]

Amelia on April 07 2010 0

Authentic Material: Speed up Your Learning Speed and Boost Your Motivation

In language teacher lingo “authentic material” is any material made for native speakers. It might be a news broadcast, a magazine, an ad flier, a song or anything else not simplified for learners. While phrasebooks, dictionaries, grammar exercise books, and the like are important, it’s equally important to supplement

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