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Amelia on August 05 2012 0

Are You Trapped in a Language Bubble?

If you’re not already fluent in English and you’re reading this, then congratulations–you’re not stuck! But if you’re already fluent, well, you might just be stuck. How often do you take the time to use your target language outside actual lessons? Daily? Now and then? Never? (Hint: the correct answer is “daily.” ) My English […]

Amelia on April 14 2012 0

10 Ways to Get Started Learning a Foreign Language Today

You hear it all the time: “I’d like to learn Greek some day” or “I’ve always wanted to learn Japanese” or any other similarly phrased wistful comment on language learning. Some people keep saying something like this for years. If they’d invested as much time in learning as they had in dreaming, they’d at least […]

Amelia on January 05 2011 4

Why it Doesn’t Matter if you Failed High School Spanish…or Any Other Language

I’m sure you’ve heard it plenty of times: someone says they’ve “always” wanted to learn such-and-such language, but then claims they still can’t order coffee or even name basic colors in the language they’ve been wistfully admiring for years. Of course, for some it really is just an idle wish or at least a very […]

Amelia on May 21 2010 0

Worried about Being Laughed at? Don’t Let Rude People Hold You Back!

Some of the fear a lot of us have about jumping right into to speaking a new language comes from the idea that people will treat us badly because we don’t speak well. For the most part it’s not true, but it can happen. Fact is, not everyone will be delighted with your attempts to […]

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