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Amelia on November 15 2012 4

7 Low-Tech Ways to Study a Foreign Language

I wrote notes for this article during a power outage–one of the almost-weekly power outages in this district, where the city’s public WiFi is more stable than the electricity. Or it would be if WiFi worked without electricity. (Three cheers for technological leapfrogging!) Point being, I’ve noticed a lot of the foreign language learning tips […]

Amelia on October 13 2012 0

Not Mixing Languages is Easy? Hm…

I’ve recently written on this topic, but I have a good excuse to do it again–and some new thoughts to add. I just got a newsletter email with language learning advice that was…interesting. It offered tips on learning multiple languages “without mixing them up.” The advice wasn’t bad in theory, but it wasn’t exactly practical. […]

Amelia on December 23 2010 3

Using Google For Language Study: Phrase Searching

This is a long post, so for your entertainment, I’m throwing in some pictures I took yesterday. The photo on the left is of some Christmas lights on Rustaveli Avenue in Tbilisi, Georgia, where I am more or less temporarily. Now down to business…

Amelia on April 10 2010 2

Foreign Language Vocabulary Learning: A More Efficient Way to Use Vocabulary Lists

Sometimes those in favor of a more communicative approach to foreign language vocabulary learning look down on vocabulary lists as an artificial way to build vocabulary. Personally, I don’t believe vocabulary lists are as evil as they’re made out to be. After all, popular SRS (spaced repetition software) or flashcard programs like

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