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A Quick Spring Update from Faster Foreign Language Learning

Cherry tree in bloom and the steeple of the church on Kálvin Tér, Budapest

Cherry tree in bloom and the steeple of the church on Kálvin Tér, Budapest

I haven’t been posting much, but I’ve been working plenty behind the scenes. :) One of the things I’ve been working on is a guide I know will be useful to a lot of you. In fact, it’s information I wish I’d had about 20 years ago.

The other bit of news could save you some money, so read the second half of this post, too.

New Guide Out! Conquer Your Foreign Language Anxiety

Fear of speaking a foreign language is one of the most common problems foreign language learners face. Sure, when you’re speaking a language you don’t know well, it’s normal to feel a little shy and insecure. Minor nervousness like that goes away as you gain skill.

The real problem comes in when you’re so afraid to speak that you totally avoid conversation and have trouble even speaking at all in class. Nausea, sweating palms, and racing heart are all fairly common in this situation. Worse, you may find you get flustered and anxious when simply listening to a foreign languange you can’t understand well. You get stressed out when you can’t understand what someone’s saying to you.

This kind of anxiety not only makes you miserable, but it can also do serious harm to your ability to learn and rob you of the chance to develop, use, and enjoy your foreign language skills. The good news is that you can get rid of this anxiety. It will take some work and it won’t happen overnight, but it is possible.

Conquer Your Foreign Language Anxiety is a practical, experience-based, step-by-step guide to overcoming your fear of speaking a foreign language. If you’re tired of letting your anxiety hold you back, take a look at this guide. (And it’s only $7! You can at least give it a try, right?)

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