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Amelia on April 29 2010 2

Grammar: Now for the (Kind of) Bad News

Browse the ads for language learning software or flip through language school brochures and you’ll probably see most of have one promise in common: freedom from the horrendous unspeakable torture known as “grammar study.” All right, I know some teaching methods and teachers really do overemphasize grammar study—including memorizing tables of case endings or verb […]

Amelia on October 22 2009 1

Learning a Foreign Language: Tips for Learning Grammar

Lots of people—even those who love learning foreign languages—claim they hate studying grammar. They associate grammar study with tedious gap-fill exercises, boring rote memorization and the frustration of getting it “wrong” again and again. While you will, at some point need focused work on grammar, there’s no reason grammar drills should take up the bulk […]