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Amelia on March 18 2010 0

Three Things You Need to Learn a Language Fast

Let’s face it, most us interested in learning another language want to learn a language fast. As much fun as the learning process can be, for most folks the final goal is to actually know and be able to use the language. Despite what the results of slow-moving high school and college language classes might […]

Amelia on November 15 2009 0

Learn a Language Fast with Audio Courses

One of the biggest problems that hold many people back from being able to learn a language fast is lack of organization. Sure, some people may say it’s because they don’t have time to study, but what that usually means is that they haven’t organized their learning plan well enough to take advantage of the […]

Amelia on November 01 2009 0

A Real Answer to “How Fast Can I Learn a Language?”

As you probably already realize, the question “How fast can I learn a language?” has no single answer. It depends on what you mean by “learn,” how motivated you are, the amount of time you have for practice, the study material and practice partners available to you, your target language, and of course, you’re language […]

Amelia on October 20 2009 0

How to Learn a Foreign Language Faster

If you’re interested in foreign language learning, at some point you’ve probably wondered how to learn a foreign language faster. We all know high school classes and even some professional language courses can drag on for several years and still leave just barely able to communicate in your chosen language. And yet, with the right […]

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