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Amelia on August 05 2012 0

Are You Trapped in a Language Bubble?

If you’re not already fluent in English and you’re reading this, then congratulations–you’re not stuck! But if you’re already fluent, well, you might just be stuck. How often do you take the time to use your target language outside actual lessons? Daily? Now and then? Never? (Hint: the correct answer is “daily.” ) My English […]

Amelia on January 29 2012 0

How to Get the Most from Your Listening Material

When you’re learning a foreign language, improving your listening skills takes lots of listening. Even if listening material for your target language is plentiful, it’s easy to find yourself without enough good material if you don’t make the most of what you have. By listening to something just once or twice, working through any accompanying […]

Amelia on November 09 2011 4

How to Deal with Frustration When You’re Learning a Language

A high tolerance for ambiguity is one of the most valuable traits a language learner can have. Any time you’re working with a language you don’t know well, you’re going to have trouble with things like understanding speech, remembering new words, and pronunciation. Being comfortable with confusion and uncertainty saves you a lot of energy, […]