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Attention Language Learners:

Finally Break Free From Your Fear of Speaking a Foreign Language”

Let me Show You Step-by-Step How to Conquer Anxiety, Nervousness and Worry so You Can Start Enjoying Your Language Skills.

Dear Fellow Language Learner,

Learning another language is a valuable investment of time that rewards you with a lifetime of opportunities and enjoyable experiences.

But fear of holding a conversation in another language or even attending a foreign language class robs you of the opportunities and enjoyment that should be yours.

Nervousness and anxiety leaves you frustrated and demoralized instead of satisfied and motivated.

And if you're like many people, what you experience is more than just "butterflies in your stomach"—it's a gripping, unrelenting fear that stops you from communicating effectively.

Does This Sound Like You?

  • You're afraid to speak no matter how well you know the language
  • Your fear isn't decreasing even though your language skills are improving
  • You feel shaky and your heart races at the mere thought of speaking in class
  • You get tense, flustered or panicky when you can't understand what someone says
  • You dread the idea of talking with native speakers
  • Become so nervous and tongue-tied that you have trouble answering even simple questions or can't get any words out.
  • What's Going On?

    Here's a comforting fact for you: between 30 to 40 percent of language learners experience "foreign language anxiety," according to research conducted by professor Dr. Elaine Horwitz.

    That includes people with highly developed foreign language skills and people who've lived abroad.

    Your stress and anxiety have almost nothing to do with your skill level, your travel experience, your "natural aptitude" for languages or the learning method you're using. The issue is deeper than that.

    But that's good news because it means you don't need to wait until you have a near-native accent, "perfect" grammar or a rich vocabulary to speak with confidence. YOU CAN learn to communicate confidently even while you're still a beginner.

    Pull up a chair and hear me out...

    I know what it's like to be too terrified to open your mouth.

    Twelve years ago, the first time I moved to another country where I didn't know much of the language, I had so much anxiety about speaking that even simple social interactions were a struggle.

    As embarrassing as it is to admit this, I once wandered around outside a shop for at least half an hour (!) because I was too afraid to go in and ask for what I wanted. I simply forced myself to go in and talk because, at the time, I didn't know there were easier and faster ways to work through this kind of anxiety.

    And when I started teaching, I discovered I wasn't alone with this. Even out-going, successful business executives with excellent foreign language skills can be afraid of speaking another language. People who often travel internationally aren't immune, either.

    It's very difficult for someone who's never experienced this type of anxiety to understand just how strong it can be. Advice like "Don't worry so much" and "Just get over it" isn't helpful. You know what I mean, right?

Is the "real you" trapped behind your anxiety?

Fear of speaking a foreign language is a major roadblock in your path to fluency.

Avoiding conversation traps you at a lower skill level and restricts you to simple, rudimentary conversation even though you know how to say much more.

Even when you force yourself to go to class or talk when you absolutely have to, you suffer again and again from the racing heart, sick stomach, cold sweats and trembling hands.

What should be a fun learning experience becomes veritable torture. Eventually, you'll stop practicing and never reach your goal of fluency.

Listen! Your decisions shape your life, but if you let fear make your decisions you won't live the best life you could. You could be the most brilliant, talented person around, but if you're too inhibited to use your skills, you won't get the rewards you deserve.

  •   You might avoid applying for a great job because it requires foreign language knowledge.
  •  You might not qualify for a promotion or raise until you pass a foreign language exam.
  •  You might be unable to talk to people who could help you grow your business.
  •  You might not get to know someone you're attracted to because he or she speaks another language.
In short, you'll almost certainly miss some truly amazing opportunities in life if you give in to your fear of speaking a foreign language.

But there are ways to break through that wall of fear!

For example, one student of mine, at her first English lesson, asked if we could avoid actually speaking English because she was simply too afraid. Oh, she knew how to speak some English all right, but she was too nervous to try.

Yet after just a month or two, she was self-assuredly chatting and joking in English. Sure, her speaking skills had grown, but even more importantly, she had overcome the mental blocks that had been preventing her from speaking at all.

That kind of success can be yours, too.

Set Yourself Free!

What if you could develop and use your language skills completely without fear? What would it be like if speaking a foreign language were not just "painless," but actually enjoyable.

While you're sitting there reading this, your going to learn how you can...

  • Converse with confidence no matter what your skill level
  • Get more conversation practice because you're no longer afraid to speak
  • Feel positive that you can achieve your language learning goals

A No-Nonsense Guide Designed to Give You Real Results

Unfortunately, there aren't many practical guides available to help you work through severe foreign language anxiety.

Typical books and courses on building self-confidence almost never address foreign language anxiety specifically. Low self-confidence and low self-esteem probably aren't the main reason you're nervous speaking another language.

And books on language learning rarely discuss fear of speaking a foreign language. When they do, they usually offer superficial (and useless) advice like "Just be brave and speak up!" Well, you already know it isn't that easy.

That's where Conquer Your Foreign Language Anxiety comes in. This guide helps you understand the factors behind your foreign language anxiety and leads you through an effective step-by-step process for working through them.

You'll get clear, actionable steps that take you from being too afraid to say a few words in class to being able to talk comfortably with native speakers.

Just minutes from now you'll discover...

  • A powerful mental "search and replace" technique that crushes the damaging misconceptions that have been holding you back. (You be the judge of this benefit!) (p. 5)
  • How the way you set goals can affect your anxiety level (p. 7)

  • How a simple, easy-to-do psychological exercise can gently help you work through even the strongest fears (p. 9) (And this has nothing to do with "affirmations!")
  • Three super-effective ways to use audio courses and other audio material to develop your confidence (p. 10)
  • How you can help your teacher lessen your (and other students') anxiety (p 12)
  • How to choose practice activities that will build your language skills and your confidence. (p. 13)
  • A single, simple change in behavior that can help you get more speaking practice even when you feel insecure about your language skills. (p. 16)

Empower Yourself to Speak Another Language
with Unshakable Confidence.

Just imagine how you'll feel when you can...

  • Look forward to your language class and have fun as your speaking and listening skills rapidly develop
  • Enjoy casual conversations with native speakers, picking up useful vocabulary along the way
  • Feel relaxed and confidant talking on the phone in a foreign language
  • Be independent, take control of your life and free yourself from reliance on more self-assured friends or interpreters
  • Feel like yourself again! Let people get to know the naturally smart, funny, interesting person you are in any language.

Are you beginning to see how breaking free from your foreign language anxiety could truly change your life?

YOU Can Achieve Confidence Even if...

  • Previous language study or foreign travel hasn't helped
  • General confidence-building techniques haven't helped
  • Your anxiety is so strong you have trouble speaking even in class
  • You don't have the opportunity to travel abroad
  • Your foreign language skills are still at a beginning level

Now, I won't lie to you. You will need to do some work. And you'll probably need to do some things that make you a little nervous at first. But quite simply, if you're not serious about putting some effort into overcoming your fear of speaking a foreign language, then no book or course will help you.

And it will take some time to achieve total, rock-solid confidence in a foreign language. This won't happen overnight. Fortunately, though, there are things you can do to reduce your anxiety today. For instance, a number of common misconceptions can sabotage your confidence. That means a simple mind-set shift can significantly boost your confidence immediately.

Since you're still here, I'm going to assume you are ready to free yourself from anxiety and start feeling truly secure in your ability to communicate in another language.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

You also have my 100% Satisfaction Guarantee for a full 365 days. Take a full year to try out the strategies and techniques in Conquer Your Foreign Language Anxiety.

If you don't find they help you feel calmer and more self-assured when speaking a foreign language, just let me know what you tried and I'll refund your money in full. Sure, it's around $3, but if this guide doesn't help you, I don't want to keep your money.

Now picture yourself six months from now...

...Looking forward to your foreign language classes and enjoying speaking practice activities...

...Chatting, laughing, and feeling completely at ease in multilingual setting...

...Confidently calling someone on the phone and having a stress-free conversation in another language...

...Fearlessly expressing your thoughts and opinions in your second language...

...Feeling proud of your accomplishments and seeing yourself as a naturally multilingual person...

Gone are the days when you felt knots in your stomach just answering questions in class. You no longer freeze up when you don't understand something. You now feel as relaxed in your new language as you do in your native language, even if you don't speak your new language fluently.

How much would it be worth to you if you could liberate yourself from anxiety and finally reach your true potential?

"Download Your Copy"

Yes, Amelia! I Understand That...

This guide provides clear, actionable steps for overcoming even severe foreign language anxiety.

These proven techniques are hands down some of the fastest, most "painless" ways to develop my confidence in speaking another language.

I have a FULL 365 days to go through the material and put it to the test. If I'm not completely satisfied, I simply send you an email for a prompt refund.

Add to Cart

That's less than the price of a single private lessons. One private lesson...

Conquer Your Foreign Language Anxiety gives you the key to unlock your language skills so you can use them freely and comfortably. Because if you can't use your skills, all the time and money you spent on language learning is wasted.

Worry-Free Ordering: payment processing is 100% secure and private. Instant download ability means you can start building your foreign language confidence within minutes.

Here's to your success,

Amelia Green, Author
Faster Foreign Language Learning

P.S. STOP and ask yourself where you'll be in one week if you don't order Conquer Your Foreign Language Anxiety right now. You'll still be dreading your foreign language class and needlessly suffering from a sick stomach and a racing heart when you need to use another language.

Don't let fear trap you and destroy your chances of confidently, fluently conversing in another language. Take action to unleash your true learning potential right now. You can at least give it a try, can't you?


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