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No Spam Policy

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If you have accessed this page or web site from illegal e-mail spam:

Faster Foreign Language Learning has no affiliation with ANY spam or illegal content.

Likewise, we DO NOT have any affiliation with bulk correspondence to third party mailing or 'opt in' lists, harvested email lists, safelists, newsgroups, forums, "faxblasts", or any other form of communication that has been labeled as illegal by the CAN SPAM law.

Spam, also called Unsolicited Commercial Email (UCE), is junk mail sent via e-mail.

Faster Foreign Language Learning sends e-mail related to our language education business to our members and other interested parties, directly and via partnerships with other organizations.

Autoresponders, such as those used for newsletters and purchase follow-ups, are not Spam (unsolicited "junk" email). They are based entirely around the opt-in model of email marketing. This means that your clients must first express interest in your business by sending you an email, filling out a form, making a purchase or otherwise contacting you first. Furthermore, all Autoresponder messages sent out by Write Consultants, Inc. have an Unsubscribe link and a Change Email Address link, so the client may opt-out of your list at any time.

If you have received spam that appears to have come from Faster Foreign Language Learning, be assured it has NOT.

If you receive spam with a From or Reply-To address containing @fasterforeignlanguagelearning.com, please understand that it has not come from Faster Foreign Language Learning.

From addresses and Reply-To addresses in e-mail messages can be forged easily and are often forged by spammers to prevent bounce-back messages and reports of abuse.

Spammers’ use of @fasterforeignlanguagelearning.com and @fasterforeignlanguagelearning.com/blog e-mail addresses as fraudulent From and Reply-To addresses is not unique to Faster Foreign Language Learning – it happens to all web sites and domain names. It is also fairly impossible and time-consuming to track and prevent.

If you are interested in tracking and reporting perpetrators of spam you have received, there are many resources on the internet that can help you. Try a search in any search engine for “tracking spammers”.

If you have any questions about Faster Foreign Language Learning or e-mailings from our company, you may contact us by clicking here.

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